In most cases relationship therapy is no longer reimbursed by Dutch health insurance. When relationship therapy is a part of the treatment for DSM-diagnosed disorders for one or both partners, you might have a chance of reimbursement. Sometimes it is also possible to deduct (relationship) therapy from your income tax when you are self-employed. Please consult your accountant about this possibility.
I do not work with health insurance companies, and the cost of therapy is at your own expense. The advantage of this is that you do not need permission from the health insurance company or doctor, there will be no deduction of your health insurance’s own risk and no medical diagnosis is made.

Shorter sessions (for individuals; 75 mins): €133
Longer sessions (relationship therapy; 90 mins): €160
Amounts must be settled in cash or by payment request that I will send to you. I also accept bank transfer, PayPal or Revolut.
Fees for relationship therapy are exempt from sales tax due to Article 25 of the Dutch Taxonomy Act. Individual sessions where we focus on the resolution of your health problems, aren’t taxed either.

If time allows, it is possible to extend your session on the spot. However, this depends on availability. If you are already certain you’d like more time you can book the extra time in advance.
The extra time calculated will be added to your payment request after the session.

The best results with relationship therapy are gained with consistent weekly sessions and I highly recommend you to free up that time and effort.
For individual therapy, we can discuss together what suits your needs.

My private practice is located in my home, in the center of Amsterdam.
1018 ZC Amsterdam
You will receive the exact address by e-mail before your appointment. Please check your spambox if you haven’t received a confirmation e-mail.
The entrance to the building is located at the canal-side, and fully wheelchair accessible. 
Parking facilities are available nearby, and public transportation is just around the corner.

Important! Please note that in-person sessions in Amsterdam will only remain available until autumn. In 2024, I expect to be abroad from autumn for an undetermined amount of time, and only online sessions will be available. I will communicate exact dates through the newsletter.

Cancellation policy
An appointment is not without obligation. If you cannot fulfill an appointment, I kindly ask you to cancel it as soon as possible by e-mail or WhatsApp.

Cancellations up to 72 hours before your scheduled appointment time are free of charge. Cancellations between 24-72 hours before your scheduled appointment time will be charged 50%, and cancellations less than 24 hours before our meeting time will be charged 100%. Please note that you are always welcome to change the appointment from an in-person session to an online session.

The first person I would recommend talking to would be your General Practitioner. They often have a network of therapists available that they can recommend to you. You’re also more likely to get your sessions reimbursed this way.

Recommendations for Emotionally Focused Therapists
When your ask for support involves anything to do with interpersonal relationships, I would highly recommend working with a therapist trained in attachment theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy.
Here’s a list of EFT-therapists worldwide, and here you can find a list of Dutch EFT therapists.

Recommendations for LGBTQIA+/Kink/Non-monogamy-friendly therapists
If you are looking for therapists who are LGBTQIA+-friendly, you can look on
Therapists who are kink-knowledgeable can be found on
Therapists open to non-monogamous relationships, can be found on
I am part of a group of polyam-friendly therapists in the Netherlands who come together for supervision. Members of this group are: Marcel Holtslag, Roos Reijbroek, Roeland van Peer, Sarah Ketel, Joost Horsten.
When you’re ethically non-monogamous, having a community around you can be invaluable. You might be interested in, or, for information and chances to reach out to fellow polyamorists. I also write blogs on my other website, for people interested in alternative forms of relationships that are built on openness and integrity.
Workshops can be a wonderful way to explore yourself and/or your partner, and to grow and experience. When it comes to workshops surrounding intimacy it is crucial that you look out for both red and green flags to increase the chance you’ll have a safe and good experience. Visit this wonderful website to increase your awareness on what to look out for.

Health and safety measures regarding COVID-19 and other illnesses
If have tested positive on COVID-19 or suspect you might have it, or you are otherwise coughing or sneezing due to a communicable disease, please do not come to the practice and cancel our appointment via Whatsapp (+31642401182) or e-mail ( We can either hold the session online, or we can reschedule the appointment up to 72 hours before your scheduled time.

Upon starting our therapy, I enter into a bond of trust with you. As a psychologist I am obligated to keep secret any information that comes to my attention in practicising my profession, insofar that this data is indeed confidential. Only when I believe overriding the confidentiality is the only and last resource to prevent a direct threat to persons or if I am obligated to do so by court order or statutory provisions, will I do so.

Videotaping or audio recording during sessions
There is a lot that happens during a session. From all the important things said, to all nonverbal cues and the interactions between you and your partner. It is therefore extremely valuable to tape the session for me to review. This allows me to improve the quality of my service to you. In addition, it is important that my work is audited by supervisors or during peer group supervision to ensure that my services meet the quality standards that may be expected of an independent practice.

Any made recording will be securely stored with password protection, and can always be deleted upon written request*. The recordings will be treated strictly confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties with the sole exception when used for options 1 and/or 2 mentioned below. Each video file will be destroyed after the end of your treatment, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
You may withdraw your consent for recording at any given time. I do not charge extra costs for the time to review these tapes.

Additionally to the reviewing of the recordings to improve my service to you, if I feel it might benefit our treatment I might use these recordings for the purpose of:
1) professional consultation about our treatment with a supervisor
2) group supervision with other professional therapists

Both of these options will provide both you and me with valuable additional insights and is also free of charge.

During any given session where you don’t feel comfortable taping your whole body and/or face, we can discuss what does feel comfortable for you. E.g. switching to just taping your knees, or just recording your voices. Please feel free to mention this at any time.

* an exception to the removal of client information is if a complaint is filed or is being considered. In this case, according to the professional code of the NIP (Dutch association of Psychologists), Anlacan Tran is not allowed to remove files or material until the complaint has been finalized.

Experiencing financial difficulties?
I have limited spots with reduced fees for people on minimum wage or below, who would otherwise have trouble affording therapy. Please e-mail me if you feel you need these reduced fees. Further possibilities include delayed payments or payment in installments.

Feedback and complaints
I will do my utmost to provide you with the best possible service that I can. Our sessions together are a continuous process of creating understanding and I will actively check-in with you to see if I am on the right track.
If it so happens that you are not satisfied and would like to give me feedback or indicate something that hasn’t felt right for you: know that this is very welcome. Your experience is valuable and important to me, and I’ll take your feedback into great consideration. You can do this during the session, and more formally through e-mail. If you e-mail me, I will get back to you within 7 days.